2021 WV Fall Foliage Map

The 2021 WV Fall Foliage Map is now posted via WV Tourism. Download the map image here: https:/home/wp_tc8tsf/mnofwv.org/wvtourism.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/StateFoliageMap2021-scaled.jpg So, what trees are what colors? Check out the WV Division of Forestry’s website with their Fall Foliage Color Guide! https:/home/wp_tc8tsf/mnofwv.org/wvforestry.com/wv-fall-foliage/

New page added

A “Classes & Requirements” page is now added, under “What is a Master Naturalist” tab. It has a listing of the core classes and some examples of Elective classes. Links go to the WV DNR site for further information. Work will continue to get the various “Links” pages updated and pasted after Conference info gets …

News: WV DNR New Regulations

New regulations making it unlawful to take or possess most native reptiles and amphibians for any reason are now in effect in West Virginia. Visit the WV DNR’s blog to read more information and to see the list of reptiles and amphibians: https:/home/wp_tc8tsf/mnofwv.org/wvdnr.wordpress.com/2021/05/27/new-reptile-amphibian-regulations/