Pollinators in the City

Educational Opportunity (Virtual)

Join the folks from The Ohio State University’s Bee Lab for one hour speaker series from Monday, November 29 to December 3, 2021. The virtual sessions start at 10:00 and will be recorded. These will be the following topics:

  • Honey Bees in the City: Where Are They Feeding, and How Do We Know?
  • The City as a Refuge for Insect Pollinators
  • Vacant Lots as Urban Bee Habitat
  • Constructed Green Infrastructure to Support Wild Bees: Does it Work?
  • Policy Dimensions of Insect Pollinator Conservation

Further information: https:/home/wp_tc8tsf/mnofwv.org/u.osu.edu/certify/pollinators-in-the-city-speaker-series/

Register for the speaker series (free): https:/home/wp_tc8tsf/mnofwv.org/osu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TwV9ffFjTee60l6M1refJw

(The speaker series of this Bee Lab is very informative! -jmb)